School Helpline No: +91 76500-87852, +91 1899-240831,+91 1899-240203

Rules & Regulations

1. We expect exemplary behavior and conduct from every student.
2. Respect for teachers, helpers and fellow students is a must for everyone.
3. Respect for school property and articles belonging to other students is mandatory; any damage caused must be made good.
4. School campus is a tobacco alcohol free zone.
5. Ragging, bullying, etc. are strictly forbidden.
6. No jewelry is allowed, except a wrist watch.
7. No nail polish, make-up, coloring of hair, etc. are permitted.
8. If ears are pierced, only simple ear-rings are to be used.
9. Disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters

Fees & &Other Dues

Fees to be paid in 3 installments, payable by:

1.25th March - First installment.
2. 25th June - Second installment.
3. 25th Sept. - Third installment

Late payment of fees and other dues will be accepted with fine only.
Fees and other dues are liable to be revised periodically.
Examination & Promotion Criteria

Examinations are conducted twice in a year:

1.June/July (Half-Yearly Examination)
2. Nov./Dec. (Final Examination)

For promotion to the next class, every student must get an average of 40% marks in each subject. There will be an internal assessment of 20% marks.
90% attendance is compulsory.
If a student fails twice in the same class, she/he will have to leave the school.
The decision of the school authorities is final with regards to promotion. It will not be reconsidered.
Students who are not able to be present for any test will be obliged to forgo that particular test. The school does not make any provision for holding tests for individuals either before or after exams. Forgoing tests will have an adverse effect on the yearly result of the student. Except for genuine reasons of health, parents are urged to see that their child(ren) be present for examinations.
Library Rules

General Rules

1.Maintaining silence is the priority.
2. Students are not allowed to bring, Pen, Pencil, eatables or water bottles in the library.
3. Strict action would be taken against the students who miss the library period.
4. The Principal Permission is required to perform any other task during the library period.
5. Students are not allowed to carry any material from the library without the permission of the librarian.
6. In case if a student is leaving the school in the mid- session he/she is supposed to returned the book / pay library dues to the librarian or in school office.

Regarding Book Issue Or Charging Of Fine

1.Students will be issued book for a maximum time of 15 days. If not returned within this stipulated time, they will be charged fine as Rs.5/ per day.
2. Re- issuing of book: Students can get the book re-issued only after showing / bringing the book to the librarian after completion of 15 days.
3. Students can get their book re- issued only for another one week.
4.If the book issued to the person is damaged, torn or lost it will lead to a penalty ( i.e. cost of the book if it is lost , charges as per damage.)
5. If any library book issued found unattended in the campus, Rs 50/- fine will be charged from the concerned student.