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Confidence Building Measures for Students

There is a student body consisting of the head boy and head girl , the Games Captain and their deputies, Prefects, and Vice-Prefects of various Houses of the senior and junior sections constituted at the beginning of each academic year. This group of valiant students assist the management in the day-to-day running of the school. Besides, there are the class leaders, appointed for a shorter duration, who are provided with opportunities for acquiring leadership and management skills from very early on in life.

Parent – Teacher Contact

Every Second Saturday of the month , expect for the examination months, parents are encouraged to meet the teacher at the prescribed time. This time is utilized for discussing the progress of the student.

Above all, every student is given opportunity for developing self-confidence through performance on stage in various disciplines: public speaking, debate HAM, JAM quiz, extempore, dance, skit, singing, etc. In addition, some of them get a chance to be the MC/anchor for the various programs organized in and by the school. The students from Class I – XII conduct the morning assembly, one section per week. In effect, once they are out of the school, our students are able to organize and manage various events with confidence and élan.

The school arranges educational tours almost every year to various places of interest. Students are also exposed to the flora and fauna of Dalhousie and beyond by means of organized trekking.


The formation of students goes much beyond the academics. They are offered extra lessons in the areas of their interest and choice, such as classical dance, karate, billiard, drawing & painting, and training in musical instruments.

Annual Days

The Parents Day is celebrated every alternate year to which all Parents are invited to witness their children performing various cultural activities. The Annual Sports Day is another event that the children look forward to. Besides these, the school feast, the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and events like Diwali, Christmas, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, and outstanding International Days are marked with meaningful celebration and festivity.

Alumini Association

The school has a formally instituted Alumni Association from 1998. The members of this body actively participated in the centenary celebration of the school in October 2001. They meet annually to keep the spirit of the Sacred Heart glowing.

School Fete

Students are formed in their social responsibilities through the Charity Fete conducted every alternate year. The proceedings are utilized for various charitable purpose, like educating the less fortunate children, providing financial assistance to the lower- income employees for constructing houses, medical treatment, education of their children, and the like.