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Boarding Rules

1. Parents as well as other visitors are not allowed in the dormitory/cubicles of children, only at the beginning and end of the academic    session to leave/take the luggage.
2. Visitors (parents and/or relatives) are allowed to visit their wards on second Saturdays only.
3. Children may have authorized visitors on their birthdays; they may also go out for the day on such occasions.
4. Warden’s permission must be obtained for meeting visitors. No permission will be granted over telephone.
5. Warden is informed and register is signed before going home and on arrival.
6. No student will leave the premises without a gate pass, which must be surrendered at the gate.
7. Those on home visits must report back by 05:30 pm of the day before the first working day. Those who need the evening meal must     inform the warden by 03:00 pm, at the latest.
8. Parents can inquire about their wards only during the time given by their respective wardens.
9. Students are not allowed to keep medicine, valuable items, money, walkman, cell phone, & CD Players etc.
10. Parents are strictly warned against giving any tuck to their children; except nuts, biscuits, jam, pickle and chocolates. These items are     kept in assigned places only.
11. Students are required to have all their items labeled.
12. Discipline and good behaviour are expected from all students.
13. Letters are sent and received through hostel wardens only.
14. English is maintained as the school and campus language.
15. Ragging and intimidation of any sort is not allowed in the boarding house.

Family Visits / Outing

On the second Friday of every month, unless there is an exam, parents may take their wards out after class (4.00 pm) but will have to bring them back to the boarding latest by 5.30 pm. on Sunday.

Late Arrivals

1. A fine of Rs. 500/- per day will be levied for the period that a student is absent without sanctioned leave.
2. After a grace period of seven days, the student will be treated as withdrawn and her seat declared vacant.
3. Readmission is possible only under special circumstances, subject to a readmission fee.